Building, Fire and Code Administration
Building, Fire and Code Administration
City of Greensburg, 2d. Floor, Rm. 203
416 S. Main Street
Greensburg, PA  15601

Mr. Leslie F. Harvey, Building Code Official

Phone:   724-838-4305
Fax:       724-838-4328
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Regular office hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The City of Greensburg follows the 2009 UCC International Building Codes as required by the State of Pennsylvania.

Building Code Official:
South Main Street
The Building Code Official manages the daily operations of the Building, Fire and Code Administration Office under the direction of the Mayor and City Administrator and enforces the current Pennsylvania State Uniformed Construction Codes (UCC).  In addition to the building code responsibilities, the Code Official works directly with the Greensburg Volunteer Fire Department in developing and conducting community relations and fire education programs, and assists with investigations in cooperation with police and fire department authorities in suspected crimes relating to fire and safety hazards. 

Building, Fire and Code Administration Office:
Under the direction of the Building Code Official, two Certified Inspectors perform various State required building inspections, as well as, the inspection and issuance of Health Licenses to food-related operations within the City limits of the City of Greensburg.  Plan reviews and specialized inspections required by the State Uniform Construction Code are pconducted by Code.Sys of Pittsburgh, PA or CEA Code Enforcement Agency of Elizatbeth, PA.   Most work in the City requiring inspections also requires plans prepared and sealed by a registered design professional, currently registered in Pennsylvania. Contact our office if you have questions whether your office requires a design professional.

RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS:  Residential projects can be dropped off at the Code Administration office and they will be picked up by a representative of Code.Sys or CEA Code Enforcement Agnecy for plan review.  Once you have approved plans from one of the 3rd Party Plan Reviewers, you may apply for a permit at the City's Code Administration Office.  See the Building Permit form below.

COMMERCIAL PROJECTS:   First, you must send your plans directly to Code.Sys, 321 Grant Ave., Pittsburgh, PA  15209 or to CEA Code Enforcement Agency, P.O. Box 103, Elizabeth, PA  15037.  Separate fees apply for Code.Sys or CEA reviews.  Said fees are the responsibility of the applicant.  Please go to or and click on plan review for commercial to see their application form for submission requirements for your review.  Once you have received approved plans from one of the 3rd Party Reviewers, you may apply for a permit at the City's Code Administration Office.  See the Building Permit form below. 

In addition to inspections, the office fields complaints and provides follow-up to property maintenance deficiencies of both residential and commercial properties.

Downloadable Forms:
(If you experience difficulty when downloading forms or PDF files, right-click on the link and paste to your desktop to open and print.)

Before you download and print the City's Building Package below, you may want to review the attached slide show presentation that will guide you through the step by step process and requirements before you begin your project:

Copies of all UCC and Property Maintenance Codes and Ordinances are available for review at the City Administration Office, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. by appointment.