Brush & Bagged Leaf Collection

Brush Collection

The Street Department will pick up loose brush and tree trimmings that are piled at the property line with the use of a chipper (no larger than 6 inches in diameter).  Materials such as wooden fences, landscaping timber or building lumber are not part of this service.  

This service is provided all year with the exception of June, July and August during paving season.  During these months Waste Management will collect bagged leaves and brush, placed in biodegradable lawn bags, or branches cut in 4-ft. lengths and bundled with regular trash and recyclables. For detailed information, please call Waste Management's customer service department at 1-800-458-4090. 

Residents who wish to have brush or trimmings picked up are asked to phone the Department of Public Works at 724-838-4344 and leave a message on the machine requesting brush or bagged brush and/or bagged leaf collection.  All brush is to be placed in bodegradable lawn bags for pick up.

Please note: Residents who hire a private contractor to cut down or trim trees and brush must have the contractor haul away all materials.