Emergency Information Center

City of Greensburg

416 South Main Street

Greensburg, PA  15601

 Director - Les Harvey

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 Emergency Management

The Director is appointed by the Governor to act on behalf of Mayor and Council in the event of a City emergency.  Greensburg's Mayor and City Council are responsible for the protection of the lives and property of its citizens in the event of an emergency.  The Mayor and Council exercises primary supervision and control over activities within the Municipality and four phases of Emergency Management:  mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery.  In the event of an emergency, our local Emergency Management Center will be activated.  When the center is activated and manned; the number is 724-838-4370.

FEMA encourages individuals, families, businesses and communities to perpare for winter weather.  Click the following link to view two videos FEMA created that offer simple, straightforward tips to help you be better prepared for winter emergencies:  "Emergency Preparedness for the Holidays"

Power Outage

  • Program 1-888-LIGHTSS (1-888-544-4877) into your cell phone so that you can easily report a power outage should one occur.
  • Make sure that your cell phone is registered with your West Penn Power account so that when you call in a power outage, your account information is automatically recognized.  To register call 1-800-686-0021 or on-line at First Energy .  Bookmark West Penn Power's MOBILE outage page on your smart phone at http://outages.firstengergycorp.com/pa_m.html so that outage updates are readily available.
  • If you have a smart phone, download the West Penn Power or Penn Power app to report power outages, view outages, etc.
  • Be prepared to be without power for 7-10 days.  Keep flashlights, extra batteries, battery powered radio, bottled water, non-perishable food, etc. readily available.  If you have well water, fill your bathtub with water in advance of a storm.  For additional information, go to https://www.firstenergycorp.com/content/customer/help/outages.html .


What to do if you lose power:  

If only your lights are out, check your circuit breakers/fuses.  If your neighbors' lights are out, call 1-888-LIGHTSS (888-544-4877) and follow the recorded prompts.  Note that West Penn Power does not know ehen you power is out.  Call in your outage, even if a neighbor has called.  Our computer systems use these calls to help pinpoint the problem which could mean a faster restoration time. If the phone number you are calling from is registered wity your account, the phone system will associate the call with the address.  Customers can request "call backs."  The automated system will call the customer leltting them know when we believe that the power is back on.  This allows the customer to let us know if you are still wtihout power.  Stay away from downed power lines and anything touching them!  If you see a wire down, call 1-888-LIGHTSS or 911.


Restoration Updates:

  • For updates on power outages, view West Penn Power's outage page on your smart phone at http://outages.firstenergycorp.com/pa_m.html or on the web at http://outages.firstenergycorp.com/pa.html.  The map works really well on smart phones.  In addition to the maps, you can get a tabular/summary report by County (touch the icon that looks like a piece of paper located on the upper right of the screen) which allows you to drill down to municipalities.  
  • Monitor Twitter updates @W_Penn_Power .
  • ETRs (estimated tiem of restoration) may not be available early on in a storm.  If the storm is wide spread, it could take a day to assess the damage.  
  • Emergency Responders:  If we are in a storm mode.  ETA's (estimated time of arrival) will not be given UNLESS it is a Life and Limb situation.  I will be working with the County EMA's to determine public safety priorities across a County.
  • In a major storm, West Penn Power often makes temporary repairs (cutting a wire, opening a circuit, replacing a fuse) to make an area safe and restore as many customers on the circuit as possible before returning to complete the work.  If our crews leave your area to make temporary repairs elsewhere, we will return to complete the work.
  • In a major storm, the electrical system is often damaged in thousands of locations.  More than one repair may be needed to restore your service.  Once we believe your power is back on, West Penn Power may call you.  This is your chance to let us know if you aree still without power.


Access the State's site, Ready PA:  www.readypa.org .


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