About - Planning & Development

About the Department

Functions of the Planning and Development Department include:
  • Administration and interpretation of the planning and zoning codes  
  • Administration of the building permit process
  • Advising and assisting Mayor & City Council regarding all matters related to the development and improvement of the City
  • Writing grants for state and federal funding
  • Writes policy/amendments to the City Code related to the implementation strategies as stated in the Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan 
  • Coordinating the agendas and advising the applicants that appear before the City’s Zoning Hearing Board, Planning Commission, & Historic & Architectural Review Board
  • Administration of the Student Home ordinance
  • Administration of the Private Parking Lot permits and the Private Parking Lot Ordinance, Chapter 190
  • Administration of all occupancy and sign permit processes

About the Planning Director

The Planning Director is dedicated to public service, the orderly and harmonious use of land and improved quality of life for our urban community, its neighborhoods  and future generations.

The Planning Director develops and recommends planning policy to preserve, enhance the City of Greensburg’s quality of life via the Multi-Municipal Comprehensive Plan which provides guidance to all city departments regarding urban design, land use,transportation, housing open space and a variety of other issues. 

  • The Multi-Municipal Plan also develops permanent controls, zoning, planning code controls, and other regulations that implement the Multi-Municipal Comprehensive plan, both though community-based planning efforts and citywide initiatives. This work provides a planning framework for managing the City as it continually changes.

The Planning Director manages the daily operations of the Planning and Development Department under the direction of the Mayor and City Administrator and enforces the current Pennsylvania State Uniformed Construction Codes (UCC).  

Contractors, insurance companies, and developers: Please note that the City of Greensburg follows the 2015 UCC International Building Codes as required by the State of Pennsylvania