City-Wide Demolition Program

City-Wide Demolition Program

Having recently completed a city-wide Blight Inventory Project and adopted a Blight Mitigation Strategy in December 2022, the City has prioritized the demolition of severely blighted commercial and residential properties that are beyond repair. 

Click HERE to view the 2022 City of Greensburg Blight Mitigation Strategy

Who is involved?

Currently the Planning & Development Department is responsible for the 2023 City-Wide Demolition Program.  However, a Blight Task Force will be created and tasked with guiding the implementation of the Blight Mitigation Strategy which houses the City’s Demolition Program.

What is the budget?

The City has not allocated specific funds to the 2023 City-Wide Demolition Program.  However, the City has partnered with the Redevelopment Authority of the County of Westmoreland (RACW) to secure County ARPA Program funds for prioritized demolition projects.

What is happening now?

Currently staff are working through the administrative and process requirements on multiple prioritized demolition projects in the City. 


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Josh Steele, Code Enforcement Officer