Parking Violations and Meter Failures

Parking tickets may be paid the following ways: 

  • Tickets may be paid electronically utilizing the 'Meter Feeder' app. Download the 'Meter Feeder' app to your smartphone. Visit the Meter Feeder website for more information.
  • Tickets may be paid from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at City Hall at 416 S. Main Street.
    • There is visitor parking in the rear of the City Hall building; enter the double doors and pay tickets at the window to your right.
  • You can mail tickets to the following address:

Greensburg Police Department
416 S. Main Street
Greensburg, PA 15601

Parking Ticket Fees:

Expired Parking Meter Fine:
Paid by midnight on the day following violation$5.00/ticket
Paid within 2 days using Meter Feeder App$4.00/ticket (associated fee is imposed by vendor)              
Paid 2nd day following violation$10.00/ticket
Paid after 10 days                                                                                           $20.00/ticket
Not paid after 10 more State Citation
Expired Parking Meter Fine 2nd Offense:
Paid by midnight on the day following violation$7.00/ticket
Paid after the 2nd day following violation$10/ticket                                  
Paid after 10 days$20/ticket                       
Not paid after 10 more daysState Citation
All other fines:
Paid within 10 days                                                                           $20.00/ticket                                          
Paid after 10 days                                                                   $25.00/ticket                           
Not paid after 10 more daysState Citation

Fees for parking tickets are assessed in accordance with the Fee Schedule set forth under Section 151-1 of the Code of the City of Greensburg. To access the fee schedule, click here.

Meter Failures/Problems:
If a meter fails to register coins, report the problem with the meter number to  the Police Department at (724) 838-4314. After 4:00 p.m., you may call (724) 838-4322 and move to another metered spot. If you continue to park at the expired meter, a ticket will be issued and you will be responsible for payment.

If you believe a meter fails to register the appropriate amount of time and you receive a parking ticket, you may challenge the ticket by reporting the meter number to the Police Department at (724) 838-4314 or by visitng Room 106 at City Hall. The meter repairman will check the meter and if he finds it to be faulty, your ticket will be excused; however, if the meter is working properly, you will be responsible for the ticket and any late charges that may apply

Please note: By Ordinance enacted by Council July 11, 2016, meter rates by coin are increased to $1.00/hour; the rate using the City's new designated app is .75 cents/hour (additional vendor fees are associated with the smartphone app use).  

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