Historic & Architectural Review Board (HARB)

Greensburg has created a Board to protect historic landmarks within the City. The Historic & Architectural Review Board (HARB) is an advisory group of seven members appointed to five year overlapping terms. The HARB defines and identifies historic properties and establishes procedures for conserving the landmarks. Its province covers the permits to reconstruct, alter, or demolish identified historic properties.

In conjunction with the creation of the HARB, the City has created two new districts in the City:
  1. The Downtown District, which encompasses most of the downtown area, including the registered Historic District
  2. The Gateway District, which includes the City’s main gateways (North & South Main Street, East & West Pittsburgh Street, East & West Otterman Street, and West Newton Street)


Board Members

Name Title
Barbara Jones Chair
Lee Calisti Vice Chair
Planning Director Director
Marc Scurci Secretary
Ashley Kertes Board Member
Lynn Armbrust Board Member
Aaron Kulik Board Member
Louis DeRose Solicitor