Employment Opportunities

Job Openings: City of Greensburg

The City of Greensburg will only accept applications when there is a job opening. Consideration will only be given to applicants who have submitted a City Employment Application form which may be printed from the link below:

Current job openings are listed below:

Code Enforcement Officer

Applicant Clearances

Applicants must provide current Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check and Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearances or proof that they have begun the process of obtaining said clearances with the submittal of their completed application. Initial clearances provided to the City cannot be older than three years and must be renewed every five years after hiring.  Both clearances must be received prior to being hired. No phone calls. The City of Greensburg is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Click the following links to obtain the required clearances:

If you are applying for a Supervisory position or any position at Mt. Odin Golf Course, Kirk S. Nevin, Lynch Field Recreation, school crossing guard etc., where you would have direct contact with children in the form of care, supervision, guidance or control of children; or, routine interaction with children in which contact with children is regular, ongoing contact that is integral to day to day responsibilities, then you also need to obtain the FBI Criminal History clearance.

Click the following link to obtain the FBI Criminal History clearance: