On-Street Parking

Various streets throughout the City of Greensburg provide leased and metered parking for your convenience. To make your metered parking experience more convenient. The Meter Feeder app may be downloaded onto your smartphone.

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Locations and rates are as follows:
Beacon Street$45.00 Lease & Meter Feeder
Concord Avenue$65.00 Lease
East Pittsburgh Street$45.00 / $65.00 Lease & Meters
East Second Street$65.00 Lease & Meters
Euclid AvenueMeters Only
Harrison Avenue$65.00 Lease & Meters
Laird Street$45.00 Lease & Meter Feeder
Main Street$65.00 Lease & Meters
North Maple Avenue$65.00 Lease & Meters
North Pennsylvania Avenue$50.00/$65.00 Lease & Meters
West Pittsburgh Street$65.00 Lease & Meters
Seton Hill Drive$65.00 Lease
South Pennsylvania Avenue$65.00 Lease & Meters
Talbot Avenue$45.00 Lease
Third Street$65.00 Lease & Meters
West Otterman Street$65.00 Lease & Meters
West Second Street$50.00 Lease & Meters

Please note: One-half (1/2)-month rates are available; inquire at (724) 838-4314.